Our Policies

We will remove your cat's collar if they normally wear one until they are collected, this is for safety reasons. We ONLY accept cats that have a current vaccination record that is kept up to date. (This must be shown when booking for a stay, or at the latest on arrival)

We have a comprehensive stock of wet food as well as Royal Canin dry biscuit & cat milk to cater for what your cat is used to at home.

We cannot accept male cats that have not been neutered. Please ensure that your cat has been flea treated before their stay.

Your cat will receive the best possible care during their stay, food & water levels are frequently monitored, as is the condition of the litter tray.

You are welcome to bring your own food if you wish and we are happy to cater for cats on special diets.

Please inform us during your booking if your cat has special needs for medical reasons.

If you have arranged a time to bring in or collect your cat, please be as punctual as possible, if you expect to be substantially late, please telephone us as a matter of courtesy.
As we run a tight schedule on bookings, we appreciate that you keep us informed!

Please check and recheck the dates you have given us, in our experience, many people give us the day the arrive home as the collection date and quite often it should be the day after.


Please may we recommend you do not feed your pet before bringing it to us. Travelling on full tummies can cause upset and unsettlement for your pet, as well as a carrier for us to clean out.